About Us

Cranial Waves Wellness Studio was established over 15 years ago with family in mind. We treat clients of all ages for a variety of conditions including:

  • Head, back, and neck pain

  • Concussions

  • Postural concerns

  • Headaches

  • Acute, and sports related injuries

  • Birth trauma and latching difficulties in newborns

  • Physical and emotional post traumatic stress

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Phil Gorman

Phil Gorman, B.A., RMT, Certified Posture and Ergonomics Expert, is a passionate massage and nature therapist with over 20 years' experience supporting hundreds of clients in maximizing their human performance and potential. He's the co-founder of Cranial Waves Wellness Studio and “Massaged by Nature” with his beloved spiritual partner Jules. They are located in the beautiful seaside village of St. Martins, New Brunswick.

Phil is a lifelong learner whose "Passion for Posture" has led him to travel the world in search of Truth, Wisdom and Healing. It has also led him to train with some of the world's best Doctors, Therapists and Healers in the Wellness Industry. These experiences have led him to a deeper understanding of our complex human design and how to support others in generating balance, harmony and health.

Phil's a self-proclaimed anatomy and physiology geek who's constantly blown away by the infinite infrastructure of the human body and its ability to heal under the right conditions. Phil's compassionate and positive approach have been known to inspire clients to be more present and make better choices. Phil is a student of positive psychology, gratitude and mindfulness. With these powerful tools, he believes anyone can generate health, energy and vitality.

Phil believes that no single approach is the right one for every individual and so over the past 20 years, Phil has studied a variety of techniques, approaches and modalities, so he can "dial in" specific, individualized assessment and treatment for his clients. Using his best, tips, tools and strategies, Phil can help you access and heal your body so you can feel, move and be your very best!

In his free time, you can find Phil in the forest, on the beach or at his homestead enjoying the gifts of nature.

“Phil is a passionate teacher and healer. I can tell you he has helped me immensely, both by healing my physical body and enriching my life journey. Even after a treatment I've always walked away with information to think about and follow up goals. I was into my thirties by the time I learned what "Stand up straight" means, and it was thanks to Phil's expertise on posture. I work in the trades and there's always some wear and tear happening. He has helped me with pain or injury many times, sometimes revealing issues I wasn't even aware of. He's also helped me with migraines in the past. Phil is a totally genuine person who challenges and helps others to become their most genuine self. Maybe that's a self that's free from pain, or free of obstacles to better health. I highly recommend Cranial Waves!” - Mike R

Jules Hare

​Jules is the founder of the Attention Alchemy Approach, a simple yet deeply Transformational process that connects each of us back to our inner wisdom. 


Jules has followed her own playful and curious heart to develop body and attention centered courses, trainings and books which she has offered across North America. Beautifully interweaving stories, presence and deep listening skills, she supports and invites individuals, children and families into deeper connection with themselves through embodiment of their own amazing potential.


For 30 years Jules has mentored ‘growers’ and ‘future leaders’ from all walks of life. With her guidance clients are able to connect, access and reclaim the powerful relationships within themselves that have the potential to transform their reality.


Originally from Kitchener Ontario, Jules and her partner Phil cofounded Cranial Waves Wellness Studio which is now located in St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada


She is a Registered Massage Therapist, Cranial Sacral Therapist specializing in Pediatrics, Speaker, Parent, and Author of ‘Raise Future Leaders - 3 Simple Steps to Transformational Parenting


​Jules offers in-person sessions (covered under RMT) and virtual sessions (not covered under RMT) for people of all ages across North America.


Jules uses her attention to hold space, listen deeply and catalyze connections between her clients and their own innate body wisdom. 


“The body likes the attention of others, but it LOVES your attention. As soon as it knows you’re actually listening without judgement and that you actually care about what it wants to show you...it almost always starts communicating me shifting instantly! The body LOVES having the opportunity to be acknowledged and heard by you, the person it cares for THE most”


Jules believes that everything we need to know about how to live extraordinary lives and raise amazing future leaders is accessible within ourselves.


Her work is inspired by her love of kids. She started doing Cranial Sacral at the age of 10 with her mother (a physio and occupational therapist) who took her courses with Dr. John Upledger at the Upledger Institute.


Her experience in the field of personal transformation, spiritual evolution and parenting has gifted her with a diversity of modalities and wisdom, which she generously loves to shares with others. 


Jules’ spiritual values are woven into her life as she is committed to meaningful spiritual transformation in her parenting, partnership, in her community and on the beautiful land she now calls home.

“Jules is one of a kind. She has great instincts and can zero in on problem areas quickly. I find most massage treatments provide temporary relief but Julie's approach goes deep and helps get to the underlying cause of issues. She makes great observations and works with you to activate your own resources so your healing can continue even after the session is over. Plus she's also one of the most genuine, kind, compassionate and funny people I've met. I'm so grateful I was introduced to Jules. She is a uniquely gifted healer.” - Lainey A

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Gwen Rowbottom

​Specializing in Cranial Sacral Therapy, TMJ Dysfunction, Lymphatic Drainage, Compassionate Inquiry and Somato-Emotional Release.

Gwen Rowbottom has been a RMT for over 25 years, a Cranial Sacral Therapist for 17 years and a Complex Lymphatic Therapist for 8 years. 

Gwen brings to her sessions her expertise, intuition, and sensitive touch as well as an openness to listening to the body for guidance. She assesses where tissues are bound up in the body and how to facilitate the releases needed to restore the natural flow back into the area. Each session is held with a full compassionate and safe presence as well as curiosity and playfulness. She is trauma and Indigenous trauma-informed. 


Gwen is Haudenoshaunee and is involved in the K-W Indigenous Community and the Grassroots indigenous Food Sovereignty Collective of Waterloo Region. 


Gwen enjoys singing, hiking with her two German Shepherds and getting together with her family for barbecues and games.

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Jennie Wiebe

Jennie began her Reiki training in 2013 and has been offering sessions ever since.  She completed her Reiki Master training in February 2020 and joined the Cranial Waves team in September of that year. 


She has learned that helping clients access the wisdom in their own bodies offers empowerment and opens the door to a whole new realm of possibilities.  Jennie approaches each session with openness, curiosity, and the intention to notice what the body says.  She gently guides and holds space so the shifts and releases ready to happen can do so in a safe and supported way.  Her aim is to create a space where clients can enter deep relaxation where they can give themselves permission to play with their imaginations.


With an Environmental Studies degree, an Agriculture diploma, and as a lifelong student of music, Jennie is thrilled to continue the learning adventure with training in Cranial Sacral Therapy.  She is also a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer.


Jennie loves the outdoors, knitting, and choral singing. She loves good conversations with good friends over coffee or sparkling beverages.  You might also find her sharing a Reiki moment with a tree in the woods, a woodpecker visiting her bird feeder, or the veggies in her garden.


She prefers to eat her tomatoes fresh off the vine, still hot from the sun, and her carrots just-pulled with a bit of dirt still on them, just like her dad taught her.

"As a math & science guy, I have a natural, eye-rolling skepticism for phrases like "channelling energy".  That is, until I tried a few Reiki sessions with Jennie.  Because I knew nothing of the Reiki world and because Jennie is not a mathematician, I'd worried that our perpendicular approaches to feeling and thinking might clash, finding no common vocabulary.  But to my amazement, our combined perspectives during sessions have led to some of the most profound conversations, light-bulb moments, and "ah-ha" revelations I have ever had.  Jennie's signature skill is to ask just the right what-if question that invites me to view a problem or worry I'm having in an imaginative, turn-it-on-its-head kind of way that a nuts and bolts guy like me wouldn't have thought of.  Our sessions give me a higher-dimensional understanding of my relationships and my work, as if I'm suddenly able to look down into the maze from above instead of just being immersed in it, wondering which way to turn.  I leave Jennie's sessions feeling calm, thinking less about the mechanics of my problems and more about the possibilities."  – Jason Schattman