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Moving Meditation (past)

Learn to move, connect and strengthen your body in ways you never thought possible.


In this weekly 4-part class, dig into the deep resources of your body to discover movement like you’ve never accessed before. 

This class is for beginners and experts alike and helps improve balance and overall body awareness.

Moving Meditation
Chocolate Sound Bath

Join us as we combine the natural healing power of The Bay of Fundy; Cacao, the "Food of the Gods", and ancient sound vibration healing.


Let us be your guides as we invite you to journey with us to deepen your connection, relax your body and calm your mind through these ancient practices.

Chocolate Sound Bath
Free Yoga In the Park (past)

Hosted Monthly on Thursdays near the full moon at the Ampitheatre in beautiful St. Martins.


Bring your yoga mat and join us for this free outdoor event. Included is a wonderful sampling of meditation, yoga and a sound healing. All ages and ability levels welcome!

Hosted by The Fundy Wellness Network and in Collaboration with The St. Martins Chamber of Commerce, The Village of St. Martins and Cranial Waves Wellness Studio.

Free Yoga in the Park
Other Events

We also often host other yoga and meditation events, most of which are held in the beautiful Village of St. Martins, New Brunswick.


We were drawn to St. Martins for its fresh salt air, natural beauty and the active lifestyle it inspires.


Our Permaculture Homestead and Wellness Venue is located in the heart of St. Martins. We are within walking distance of the vast St. Martins Beach, salt marsh and famous sea caves. Come explore our beautiful fishing village and enjoy the spectacle that is the highest tides in the world.

Feel free to reach out if you're interested in learning more, or check our schedule to see everything we have going on.

Other Events
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